"Get off my mind. Give back my heart and get the fuck away from me."



and this was the moment that i started tO SHIP THESE TWO WITH MY LIFE AND SOUL



Even though this scene wasn’t in the manga at all, Hiro Mashima was helping out the anime staff to create this scene. I would call it canon for that alone. 

But What I’m fangirling about is the fact that Natsu was taking preparation time away to check on Lucy’s condition after Minerva had pummeled her to a bloody pulp. He asked her how she was feeling and looks at her with a smile and speaks to her very softly in this scene. 

Natsu just seems so kind and gentle with Lucy, and I also noticed in this scene that he is treating her as if she was his bedridden wife that is ill. He wanted to talk to her first before he went out to face Sting & Rogue with Gajeel. Which I think is very touching indeed. 

Also: HE WAS AT HER BEDSIDE UNTIL SHE WOKE UP AND WHO KNOWS HOW LONG THAT MUST HAVE BEEN! Seriously, he took who knows what amount of time to just wait for her to wake up. That is love right there. 

After Lucy talks to him, he leaves the room with a smile and tells Wendy & Carla to take care of her as he goes off for his match against Sting & Rogue. In a way he is leaving his wife in the hands of his friends as he goes fight the enemy who mocked and laughed at their guild. I just find Natsu’s love here just heartwarming. 

Before he leaves, he also tells Lucy that he’ll definitely win with a confident smile and a soft tone of voice. Comforting her in her worries and making sure that she knows that he’ll do everything in his power to win. Again, much like how a husband would comfort his wife. 

Let’s just say I really died in this scene because of NaLu feels. Because Hiro Mashima really created a beautiful scene with this moment right here. 


Guys, do you understand what this is? During F!Lucy’s time, when the dragons were attacking and Natsu passed away, he did this to her before he died, most likely to comfort her! (First Picture) Then when she went back into the past to warn the others of what was going to happen, current Natsu did the SAME exact thing! (Second Picture) Can you guys imagine how emotional that would be for someone, after losing the person they loved, and then getting a second chance to feel their embrace? Ugh, it’s so poetic! And tragic!!! Someone stop these feels!!